poniedziałek, 30 września 2013

Armenian workshop - the hit of the season

We've just finished our workshops in Armenia. But it is just a beginning - Bratislava with it's Month of Photography is waiting for the students to come. Europe, be prepared!

czwartek, 19 września 2013

Georgian style: violin music mixed with photography

Rafał Milach, Adam Pańczuk and Ilkin Huseynov with Justyna Mielnikiewicz as a special guest are in the middle of their workshop in Tbilisi. Group is large and strong. So will be their photos!

wtorek, 17 września 2013

Armenia, how are you? Photographer's visit after 10 years

One of Sputnik Photos photographers, Jan Brykczyński, is visiting Armenia after 10 years. This is how the country was at that time. What will the future bring? More of old the materials here.
Together with Andrei Liankevich and Michał Łuczak they will conduct a workshop in Yerevan soon. Stay tuned.

photos: J.Brykczyński

poniedziałek, 2 września 2013

September 19th: Justyna Mielnikiewicz

If you are waiting for a show, here it comes! Our photographer Justyna Mielnikiewicz will be a guest during workshops in Tbilisi September 19th. She will show some of her works and tell a story of her (photographic) journey from Poland to Georgia. You are all welcome to join the participants and watch, because it is a great opportunity to meet this great photographer in person.

photos: J. Mielnikiewicz