wtorek, 5 listopada 2013

Sputnik square. Sputnik Photos on 7th Russian Movies Festival 'Sputnik above Poland' in Warsaw

About the project on the 7th Russian Movies Festival 'Sputnik above Poland' in Warsaw: 12 XI at 8pm, in Kinoteka Cinema (after „The Border” reż. Arutiun Haczatrjan). You will find out more here.

poniedziałek, 30 września 2013

Armenian workshop - the hit of the season

We've just finished our workshops in Armenia. But it is just a beginning - Bratislava with it's Month of Photography is waiting for the students to come. Europe, be prepared!

czwartek, 19 września 2013

Georgian style: violin music mixed with photography

Rafał Milach, Adam Pańczuk and Ilkin Huseynov with Justyna Mielnikiewicz as a special guest are in the middle of their workshop in Tbilisi. Group is large and strong. So will be their photos!

wtorek, 17 września 2013

Armenia, how are you? Photographer's visit after 10 years

One of Sputnik Photos photographers, Jan Brykczyński, is visiting Armenia after 10 years. This is how the country was at that time. What will the future bring? More of old the materials here.
Together with Andrei Liankevich and Michał Łuczak they will conduct a workshop in Yerevan soon. Stay tuned.

photos: J.Brykczyński

poniedziałek, 2 września 2013

September 19th: Justyna Mielnikiewicz

If you are waiting for a show, here it comes! Our photographer Justyna Mielnikiewicz will be a guest during workshops in Tbilisi September 19th. She will show some of her works and tell a story of her (photographic) journey from Poland to Georgia. You are all welcome to join the participants and watch, because it is a great opportunity to meet this great photographer in person.

photos: J. Mielnikiewicz

poniedziałek, 26 sierpnia 2013

Georgia in/out of focus

photos: A. Pańczuk
Tbilisi is a destination sourrounded by an atmosphere of anticipation. Georgia has became a place to live for Justyna Mielnikiewicz, a Sputnik Photos member so it was just a matter of time when we are to have a project there. So here it is - together with Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi and Ilkin Huseynov we (Adam Pańczuk and Rafał Milach) are to conduct workshop September 18-20th for emerging photographers and journalists! Georgia, be prepared!

Armenia on the edge (of Autumn)

photos: A.Liankevich

Sputnik Photos together with PanARMENIAN Photo announce the workshop in Armenia! The emerging photographers and journalists from Yerevan will have a chance to meet photojournalists from Sputnik Photos - Andrei Liankevich, Jan Brykczyński and Michał Łuczak and for two days work together - both during lectures and field work.
September 28-29th, Yerevan.
See you there!

wtorek, 18 czerwca 2013

Prague, the scene of the very first study visit in the project

June 8-14th, 2013 will become well known for the time when students from workshop in Moldova have visited Prague (Czech Republic) as they are all promossing photographers, as was mentioned in the report. They will be famous one day and we were to witness that.

They had a chance to meet photographers: Jan Šibík, Evžen Sobek, Filip Singer, a curator Magdalena Deverová and visit interesting galleries and exhibitions. Next stage would be the first self-made project that they are going to organize in Moldova. We will keep you posted.

The visit was arranged by Lenka Blahová and the People in Need team.Thank you or that!

poniedziałek, 8 kwietnia 2013

Workhops in Chisinau

fot. Agnieszka Rayss
Documentary Photography Workshops  for emerging moldovan photographers and photojournalists will be held in April 12-14 in Chisinau.
Workshop will be held in the framework of "Speaking in a loud voice" project. It aims to conduct workshops for emerging photographers and journalists from Armenia, Georgia and Moldova, which will contribute to a collective work by photographers and civil society activists.Workshop will deal with such topics as: What is a contemporary documentary photography and how photographers from other countries work within this genre, and how to work on a long term project, how to look for funding, and how to combine photos and  text, how to work together with a journalist or a writer, how to work on group projects.Maximum number of participants 15. Those wishing to participate should send A portfolio (8 photos in low resolution), a little information about yourself and also write down why you want to participate in this workshop. Complete information about yourself to send until March 29 to the address tfiodorova@gmail.com.
Selected participants will be informed by e-mail after 5 April.
fot. Andrej Balco

The project is designed by a team of photographers "Sputnik Photos" from Central and Eastern Europe. Within the workshop in Chisinau members of this collective  will talk about their activities: Agnieszka Rayss, Andrej Balco and a journalist Agnieszka Wójcińska. http://www.sputnikphotos.com
Project partners: ARMENIA: PanARMENIAN Network NGO, CZECH REPUBLIC: People in Need, GEORGIA: Center of Contemporary Art - Tbilisi, HUNGARY: Studio of Young Photographers, MOLDOVA: MediArt Dialog, MOLDOVA: ART PLATFORMA, SLOVAKIA: Open Society Foundation.
Project supported by the Visegrad Fund
Project partners in Chisinau:
MOLDOVA: MediArt Dialog
Mediart Dialog facilitation in strengthening of capacities of traditional mass media, development of digital technologies and network communications in promotion of classical and modern arts, assisting in creation of common platform in presenting, popularization, dissemination, propaganda of cultural issues.

ART PLATFORMA is an NGO promoting and strengthening cultural resources in Moldova through lounching and developing a unique cultural space that would cover different aspects of art and culture, such as literature, photography, visual arts, cinema, music. Our aim is to support and promote cultural diversity, especially bringing social aspect into artistic life of Moldova.

Project Coordinator in Moldova Tatiana Fiodorova. To contact us at this address: tfiodorova@gmail.com

sobota, 26 stycznia 2013

Welcome on board!

photo Adam Pańczuk

Between Poland (-10C), Slovakia (-5C), Czech Republic (-8), Hungary (1C), Armenia (7C), Moldova ( -7C), Georgia (10C) and Azerbaijan (12C) the close cooperation has been established for real!
Our first destination is MOLDOVA in the first half of 2013. We will keep you posted about the trip of Agnieszka Rayss and Andrej Balco to MediArt Dialog in Chisinau. Stay with us!